Energy Storage

From renewable energy storage applications to onsite backup power, our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Energy Storage Solutions provide end users with industry-leading lifespan, warranty, and charge retention.  From 1MWh to 1GWh projects, our containerized solutions can be tailored to fit your application.

Product Information

  • 3 MWhr containerized solutions available
  • Includes Battery Management System
  • Built-in Cooling
  • Will maintain 97% of charge after one year
  • Ten (10) year warranty
  • Experience from 1 MWh up to 1 GWh Projects

Main Characteristics

  • Second level response speed
  • Excellent under loading performance
  • Uninterrupted power capability
  • Indoor/Outdoor Design
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

Product Applications

  • Incorporation Into Renewable Energy Generation Projects
  • Standard Electric Power Backup
  • Remote and Island Power support
  • Works in unstable power on/off areas
  • Power Shortage Areas / Reduces Grid Pressure
  • Disaster and Emergency Power Anywhere